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The Civil War in Texas
Convention of Seceding States
John Bell Hood
Albert Sidney Johnston
Texas Ordinance of Secession
December 29, 1845 Texas is admitted to the United States as a slave state. It is the 28th state and the margin of slave to free states in the Senate after admittance is 15-13. Texas
  Mexican American War
March 11, 1846 U. S. troops move into disputed land between Nueces and Rio Grande Rivers Texas
  Mexican American War
March 28, 1846 U. S. troops reach the Rio Grande Texas
April 25, 1846 United States troops, sent to the disputed portion of the Texas border to provoke an incident, are attacked by Mexican troops, precipitating the Mexican-American War Texas
  Mexican American War
  William Hardee
May 11, 1846 James Polk informs Congress about Mexican agression in territory claimed by both the United States and Mexico Texas
  James Polk
  Mexican American War
April 17, 1850 Committee of Thirteen agree on the the border of Texas as part of the Compromise of 1850. It will later be revised Texas
  Compromise of 1850
June 3, 1850
June 12, 1850
Nashville Convention - 9 slave states hold a convention to determine their best course of action if the Compromise of 1850 passes. Louisiana
North Carolina
South Carolina
  Compromise of 1850
  Nashville Convention of 1850 [Resolutions]
  Nashville Convention of 1850
  Robert Barnwell Rhett
August 5, 1850 James Pearce Plan for the Compromise of 1850 is proposed. Under this plan Texas retains more land and receives $10 million for the land it gives up. It is this plan that is finally adopted in the Compromise Texas
  Compromise of 1850
February 1, 1861 Texas secessionist convention votes 166 to 7 to secede, calling for a ratification election by the people Texas
  Confederate Order of Secession
  Texas Ordinance of Secession
February 15, 1861 Delegates from Texas arrive at the Convention of Seceding States Texas
February 23, 1861 Texas citizens ratify the actions of the seccesionist convention, voting to secede, 34,794 to 11,235

March 1, 1861 Texas accepted as a state by the provisional government of the Confederate States of America Texas
March 2, 1861 Texas Secessionist Convention reconvenes Texas
March 5, 1861 Texas secessionist convention accepts Confederate statehood Texas
March 31, 1861 General John Bankhead Magruder reassigned from Arkansas to Texas. Texas
April 17, 1861 Star of the West is taken by militia aboard the Confederate Army steamer General Rusk off the coast of Texas. Texas
  Star of the West
September 24, 1862
September 25, 1862
While blocking the Texas coast, the U. S. Navy encounters a Rebel regiment at Sabine Pass. After a Union shelling Rebels withdraw. Texas
November 29, 1862 John Magruder assumes command of Confederate forces in Texas Texas
  John Magruder
January 1, 1863 Battle of Galveston

General John B. Magruder [CS] captures the city after a 4 hour battle. Confederate troops seize a federal ship and blow up another, but most of the ships escape.
  John Magruder
January 14, 1863 CSS Alabama sinks the USS Hatteras off Galveston Texas
May 12, 1865
May 13, 1865
The last significant fighting of the Civil War takes place at the Palmito Ranch along the Rio Grande between Col. Theodore Barrett and John S. "RIP" Ford Texas
June 19, 1865 General Robert S. Granger declares Emancipation Day in Texas, the date when all Negroes are officially set free. Now celebrated as Juneteenth Texas
March 15, 1866 Texas repeals the actions of the Secessionist Convention Texas
August 20, 1866 A proclaimation of peace with Texas is issued by United States President Andrew Johnson Texas
October 27, 1866 Texas rejects the 14th Amendment Texas
  14th Amendment
April 10, 1869 The U. S. Congress passes An Act authorizing the Submission of the Constitutions of Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas to a Vote of the People, and authorizing the Election of State Officers, provided by the said Constitutions, and Members of Congress. Mississippi
April 10, 1869 Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia are required to ratify the 15th amendment Virginia
July 15, 1869 President Grant issues Presidential Proclamation Submitting the Texas Constitution to the Voters Texas
  Ulysses S. Grant
February 18, 1870 Texas ratifies the 14th Amendment Texas
  14th Amendment
March 30, 1870 President Grant approves Texas congressional representation once the decree has been announced Texas
  Ulysses S. Grant
April 16, 1870 Military governor Joseph Jones ("JJ") Reynolds announces the act to readmit Texas to Congressional representation. It is his final action as military governor of Texas Texas
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