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The Civil War in Arkansas
Arkansas Ordinance of Secession
Confederate Order of Secession
June 3, 1850
June 12, 1850
Nashville Convention - 9 slave states hold a convention to determine their best course of action if the Compromise of 1850 passes. Louisiana
North Carolina
South Carolina
  Compromise of 1850
  Nashville Convention of 1850 [Resolutions]
  Nashville Convention of 1850
  Robert Barnwell Rhett
February 28, 1859 Arkansas passes legislation requiring free blacks to chose between exile or slavery Arkansas
March 18, 1861 By a vote of 39-35 the Arkansas convention defeats a secession motion. Instead, they vote to allow a general election in August to determine the question of secession. Arkansas
March 31, 1861 General John Bankhead Magruder reassigned from Arkansas to Texas. Texas
April 23, 1861 Federal troops withdraw from Fort Smith Arkansas
May 6, 1861 Arkansas secedes from the Union Arkansas
  Confederate Order of Secession
  Arkansas Ordinance of Secession
March 6, 1862
March 8, 1862
Battle of Pea Ridge [US]
Battle of Elkhorn Tavern [CS]
  Earl Van Dorn
  Sterling Price
June 17, 1862 Battle of St. Charles
Battle of White River
July 7, 1862 Battle of Hill's Plantation Arkansas
November 28, 1862 Battle of Cane Hill
Battle of Boston Mountains

James Blunt [US] defeats John Marmaduke [CS]
December 7, 1862 Battle of Prairie Grove
Battle of Fayetteville

Thomas Hindman [CS] attacks Francis "Frank" Herron [US] advancing from Wilson's Creek in an attempt to defeat him before joining James Blunt's [US] men. Blunt reached the Confederate line just as Herron was considering withdrawal, resulting in a Union victory
January 10, 1863
January 11, 1863
Battle of Arkansas Post
Battle of Fort Hindman

General John McClernand [US] defeats Brigadier General T. J. Churchill [CS] at Fort Hindman or Arkansas Post. Defending the outpost on the Arkansas River, 5,000 Confederates are surrounded by a force of 50,000 Union troops, and a U. S. Naval squadron under the command of Admiral David Porter. The Navy silenced the Confederate artillery and McClernand attacked, gaining the outer walls. The Confederates then surrendered.
  John A. McClernand
  First Vicksburg Campaign
  William Tecumseh Sherman
May 1, 1863
May 2, 1863
Battle of Chalk Bluff Arkansas
May 3, 1863 Frederick Steele returns to Little Rock, marking the end of the Red River Campaign Arkansas
September 1, 1863 Battle of Devil's Backbone (Backbone Mountain) Arkansas
September 10, 1863 Battle of Bayou Forche (Little Rock) Arkansas
September 10, 1863 Sterling Price [CS] withdraws from Little Rock Arkansas
  Sterling Price
October 25, 1863 Battle of Pine Bluff Arkansas
January 20, 1864 Abraham Lincoln instructs Arkansas commander General Frederick Steele to permit elections following the proposed anti-slavery constitution of the state. Arkansas
January 22, 1864 Arkansas selects pro-Unionist Issac Murphy as provisional governor, pending elections to be held that Spring Arkansas
March 16, 1864 Sterling Price takes command of the Confederate District of Arkansas Arkansas
  Sterling Price
March 23, 1864 From Little Rock, federal troops under Frederick Steele moved south to join Nathaniel Banks Arkansas
  Red River Campaign
  Nathaniel Banks
April 3, 1864
April 4, 1864
Battle of Elkin's Ferry Arkansas
April 9, 1864
April 10, 1864
Battle of Prairie D'ane

Moving south through Arkansas, General Frederick Steele engages Confederate forces before being driven back to Little Rock
  Red River Campaign
April 18, 1864 Battle of Poison Spring

Sterling Price [CS] and John Marmaduke [CS] raid US supply wagons heading for Grand Ecore to relieve Nathaniel Banks [US] failed expedition. After heavy fighting the federals were forced to withdraw
  Red River Campaign
  Sterling Price
  Nathaniel Banks
April 24, 1864 Battle of Marks' Mill

Confederates attack federals retreating to Little Rock
  Red River Campaign
April 30, 1864 Battle of Jenkin's Ferry Arkansas
June 6, 1864 Battle of Old River Lake Arkansas
July 4, 1864 Battle of Helena Arkansas
August 17, 1864 General John Bankhead Magruder appointed commander of Confederate forces in Arkansas Arkansas
  John Magruder
April 2, 1866 The United States declares that a state of peace exists with Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia Alabama
South Carolina
North Carolina
April 6, 1868 Arkansas ratifies the 14th Amendment Arkansas
  14th Amendment
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