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Wilmot Proviso [full text]
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August 8, 1846 U. S. President James Polk requests 2 million dollars to purchase land from Mexico following the Mexican-American War. David Wilmot of Pennsylvania attaches the "Wilmot Proviso" to this bill. It passes in the House but is tabled in the Senate. Pennsylvania
  Wilmot Proviso
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February 2, 1847 The Three Million Dollar Bill, wanted by President James Polk to pay for land taken from Mexico during the Mexican American War, is brought before the House of Representatives
  Wilmot Proviso

Wilmot Proviso (1846 version)

Provided that, as an express and fundamental condition to the acquisition of any territory from the Republic of Mexico by the United States, by virtue of any treaty which may be negotiated between them, and to the use by the Executive of the moneys herein appropriated, neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist in any part of said territory, except for crime, whereof the party shall first be duly convicted.

Wilmot Proviso (1847 version)

There shall be neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude in any territory on the continent of America which shall hereafter be acquired by or annexed to the United States by virtue of this appropriation (the $3,000,000) on in any other manner whatever, except for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.

The text of the Wilmot Proviso was based on Jefferson text for the original Northwest Ordinance (Ordinance of 1784). It was later revised to become the Fourteenth Amendment

The text of the Proviso was written by Ohio Representative Judge Jacob Brinkerhoff and not David Wilmot, for whom the Proviso is named. A popular Pennsylvania Representative, Wilmot was tapped to present the amendment because abolitionist realized he stood the best chance to be recognised by the chair.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> Documents

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