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William B. Franklin
July 31, 1861 11 Union officers are submitted to Congress to be promoted to brigadier general
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Samuel Heintzelman
  Joseph Hooker
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Ulysses S. Grant
May 7, 1862 Battle of West Point
Battle of Eltham's Landing

General William B. Franklin [US] skirmishes with General John Bell Hood [CS]
  John Bell Hood
  Peninsula Campaign
September 14, 1862 Battle of Turners Gap
Battle of Fox's Gap
Battle of South Mountain

Battle of Cramptons Gap

George McClellan reacts to finding Special Order No. 191 with attacks on the gaps in South Mountain, forcing Lee to reorganize at Sharpsburg
  George McClellan
  Special Orders No. 191
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Rutherford B. Hayes
November 14, 1862 Ambrose Burnside reorganises the Army of the Potomac command structure into three Grand Divisions with the Right Grand Division under Major Edwin Vose Sumner, Central Grand Division under Joe Hooker and the Left Grand Division under William B. Franklin
  Edwin Vose Sumner
  Ambrose Burnside
  Joseph Hooker
December 13, 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg

General Ambrose Burnside and the Army of the Potomac is soundly beaten by Lee's Army of North Virginia.
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Army of the Potomac
  Robert E. Lee
  Ambrose Burnside
  Lafayette McLaws
  Edwin Vose Sumner
  Jubal Anderson Early
  John Reynolds
  Joseph Hooker
September 8, 1863 General William Franklin [US], intending to begin the occupation of Texas, steamed past Sabine Pass to Confederate Fort Griffin on the Texas-Louisiana border. John Bankhead Magruder [CS], with two "cotton-clads" and a force of 44 men turned back more than 200 Union troops
  John Magruder

William B. Franklin

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