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Sterling Price
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military
May 21, 1861 Sterling Price signs an agreement with William Harney, essentially handing Missouri over to federal forces. Missouri
May 24, 1861 Sterling Price refuses to disband his troops Missouri
July 11, 1861 Sterling Price, Confederate governor Claiborne Jackson, Nathaniel Lyon, and Francis Blair meet at Planters' House in St. Louis to discuss a truce. Lyon was quoted as saying "This means war" after the talks end abruptly Missouri
August 10, 1861 Battle of Wilson's Creek [US]
Battle of Springfield [CS]

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon [US] is killed in the Confederate victory
  Generals Who Died In the Civil War
September 12, 1861
September 20, 1861
Battle of Lexington

Sterling Price, with 18,000 men, lays siege to Lexington, Missouri, with a federal force of 3.600 under Colonel James Mulligan. After fighting intensified on September 19, Mulligan surrendered on the 20th.
March 6, 1862
March 8, 1862
Battle of Pea Ridge [US]
Battle of Elkhorn Tavern [CS]
  Earl Van Dorn
July 3, 1862 Sterling Price [CS] assumes command of the Army of the West
September 19, 1862 Battle of Iuka

William Rosecrans [US] beat Sterling Price [CS] who withdrew when scouts report a column under the command of Edward O. C. Ord was advancing from the Mississippi.
  William S. Rosecrans
October 3, 1862
October 4, 1862
Battle of Corinth

Earl Van Dorn [CS] and Sterling Price [CS] attack William Rosecrans [US] northern perimeter, driving it back to a reinforced line. Rosecrans successfully defends the city
  Earl Van Dorn
  William S. Rosecrans
October 5, 1862 Battle of Hatchie Bridge [US]
Battle of Metamora [CS]

Other names: Hatchie; Davis Bridge

Edward Ord [US] discovers Confederates retreating from Corinth. When Ord was severly wounded fighting paused as command passed to Stephen Hurlbut [US]. Sterling Price [CS] was able to escape.
  Edward O. C. Ord
September 10, 1863 Sterling Price [CS] withdraws from Little Rock Arkansas
March 16, 1864 Sterling Price takes command of the Confederate District of Arkansas Arkansas
April 18, 1864 Battle of Poison Spring

Sterling Price [CS] and John Marmaduke [CS] raid US supply wagons heading for Grand Ecore to relieve Nathaniel Banks [US] failed expedition. After heavy fighting the federals were forced to withdraw
  Red River Campaign
  Nathaniel Banks

Sterling Price

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military

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