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Rutherford B. Hayes
September 10, 1861 Battle of Carnifax Ferry

General William Rosecrans [US] defeats General John Floyd [CS]
West Virginia
  Operations in Western Virginia
  John Floyd
  William S. Rosecrans
September 14, 1862 Battle of Turners Gap
Battle of Fox's Gap
Battle of South Mountain

Battle of Cramptons Gap

George McClellan reacts to finding Special Order No. 191 with attacks on the gaps in South Mountain, forcing Lee to reorganize at Sharpsburg
  George McClellan
  Special Orders No. 191
  Army of Northern Virginia
  William B. Franklin
May 9, 1864 Battle of Cloyd's Mountain Virginia
June 17, 1864
June 18, 1864
Battle of Lynchburg Virginia
  John Breckinridge
July 24, 1864 Second battle of Kernstown

Jubal Early's [CS] move to the Shenandoah Valley is blocked by George Crook [US], at least for a while. After a violent assault on the Union left by John Breckinridge the federal line broke and pulled back to Harpers Ferry
  Jubal Anderson Early
  John Breckinridge
  Harpers Ferry
June 14, 1876
June 16, 1876
The three-day Republican Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio (Hayes home state) shifted its support from front runner James Blaine to Rutherford B. Hayes on the second ballot. Ohio
  Election of 1876
  Republican Party
November 7, 1876 Republican candidates Rutherford B. Hayes and William Wheeler defeat Democratic candidates Samuel J. Tilden and Thomas Hendricks, although the results will not be known until much later.
  Election of 1876
  Republican Party
  Democratic Party
November 26, 1876 South Carolina election board throws out the presidential results from two western counties, giving Hayes the lead in the state South Carolina
December 1, 1876 After two weeks of public hearings the state "returning board" meets in secret session to decide the fate of votes in all counties. They disallow 13,211 votes for Tilden and 2,412 for Hayes. Louisiana
December 5, 1876 Florida canvassing board determines Rutherford B. Hayes wins the state by a margin of 924 votes Florida
  Election of 1876

Rutherford B. Hayes

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