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Red River Campaign
Civil War Encyclopedia >> Campaigns
March 12, 1864 Nathaniel Banks [US] begins the Red River Campaign Louisiana
  Nathaniel Banks
March 14, 1864 Banks captures Fort De Russy Louisiana
  Nathaniel Banks
March 15, 1864 Moving men and vessels up the Red River, the Union Army arrives at Alexandria, LA Louisiana
March 23, 1864 From Little Rock, federal troops under Frederick Steele moved south to join Nathaniel Banks Arkansas
  Nathaniel Banks
April 8, 1864
April 9, 1864
Battle of Sabine Crossroads
Battle of Mansfield

General Richard Taylor [CS] defeats General Nathaniel Banks [US], halting his advance to Shreveport
  Nathaniel Banks
April 9, 1864
April 10, 1864
Battle of Prairie D'ane

Moving south through Arkansas, General Frederick Steele engages Confederate forces before being driven back to Little Rock
April 9, 1864 Battle of Pleasant Hill

Retreating from the loss at Sabine Crossroads, Nathaniel Banks [US] is slammed by Richard Taylor [CS] early in the afternoon. In spite of initial Confederate success, Banks managed to organize a counterattack that turned the tide in favor of the Yankees.
  Nathaniel Banks
April 10, 1864 Nathaniel Banks and Frederick Steele begin to withdraw to Grand Ecore and Little Rock respectively. Kirby Smith [CS] arrives to take command of the Confederate forces, ordering Richard Taylor to withdraw to Mansfield, effectively ending the Red River Campaign Louisiana
  Nathaniel Banks
April 13, 1864 Admiral David Porter arrives at Grand Ecore. Louisiana
  David Porter
April 18, 1864 Battle of Poison Spring

Sterling Price [CS] and John Marmaduke [CS] raid US supply wagons heading for Grand Ecore to relieve Nathaniel Banks [US] failed expedition. After heavy fighting the federals were forced to withdraw
  Sterling Price
  Nathaniel Banks
April 21, 1864 General Nathaniel Banks withdraws from Grand Ecore to Alexandria Louisiana
  Nathaniel Banks
April 23, 1864 Battle of Monet's Ferry
Battle of Cane River Crossing

Nathaniel Banks retreating federal column is harassed by Confederates
  Nathaniel Banks
April 24, 1864 Battle of Marks' Mill

Confederates attack federals retreating to Little Rock
April 26, 1864 Admiral David Porter's fleet is badly damaged in engagements with on-shore Confederates. The fleet had become trapped by low water following Porter's rescue of Nathaniel Banks at the end of the Red River Campaign Louisiana
May 1, 1864 Federal troops return to Alexandria. Heavy skirmishing will continue for days. Louisiana

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> Campaigns

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