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Nathaniel Banks
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Military
January 30, 1816 Nathaniel Banks born, Waltham, Massachusetts
March 20, 1862 Threatened by Stonewall Jackson, Nathaniel Banks withdraws from Strasburg to Winchester Virginia
  Stonewall Jackson
May 25, 1862 Battle of Winchester,

Stonewall Jackson [CS] defeats Nathaniel Banks [US]
  Stonewall Jackson
June 17, 1862 The commands of John C. Fremont [US] and Nathanael Banks [US] are consolidated under John Pope [US]. Fremont resigns.
  John Pope
  Army of Virginia
August 9, 1862 Battle of Cedar Mountain [US]
Battle of Slaughter Mountain [CS]
Other names: Cedar Run, Cedar Run Mountain, Southwest Mountain

Stonewall Jackson [CS] defeats Nathaniel Banks [US].
  A. P. Hill
  Northern Virginia Campaign
  Jubal Anderson Early
  Battle of Cedar Mountain
  Richard Ewell
  Army of Virginia
October 26, 1862 Major General Samuel Heintzelman [US] is put in command of Union forces protecting Washington D. C., replacing Nathaniel Banks
  Samuel Heintzelman
  Washington D. C.
November 8, 1862 Benjamin Butler [US] is relieved of duty in New Orleans because of his total disregard of the civilian population. Nathaniel Banks is chosen to replace him. Butler closes all breweries and distilleries to retaliate against civilians Louisiana
  Benjamin Butler
May 27, 1863
July 9, 1863
Siege of Port Hudson

After attempting to storm the walls of Port Hudson, Nathaniel Banks digs in for a siege.
June 7, 1863 Battle of Milliken's Bend

Confederate forces attack the Union garrison driving federals to the banks of the Mississippi, where the gunboats Lexington and Choctaw turn back the advancing Rebels
  Second Vicksburg Campaign
June 14, 1863 Nathaniel Banks orders a ground assault against Port Hudson but fails to breach the walls. Louisiana
August 5, 1863 In a letter to Nathaniel Banks, Abraham Lincoln states 'I am an anti-slavery man' and goes on to state he would never return a "negro" freed under the Emancipation Proclamation to slavery.
March 12, 1864 Nathaniel Banks [US] begins the Red River Campaign Louisiana
  Red River Campaign
March 14, 1864 Banks captures Fort De Russy Louisiana
  Red River Campaign
March 23, 1864 From Little Rock, federal troops under Frederick Steele moved south to join Nathaniel Banks Arkansas
  Red River Campaign
April 8, 1864
April 9, 1864
Battle of Sabine Crossroads
Battle of Mansfield

General Richard Taylor [CS] defeats General Nathaniel Banks [US], halting his advance to Shreveport
  Red River Campaign
April 9, 1864 Battle of Pleasant Hill

Retreating from the loss at Sabine Crossroads, Nathaniel Banks [US] is slammed by Richard Taylor [CS] early in the afternoon. In spite of initial Confederate success, Banks managed to organize a counterattack that turned the tide in favor of the Yankees.
  Red River Campaign
April 10, 1864 Nathaniel Banks and Frederick Steele begin to withdraw to Grand Ecore and Little Rock respectively. Kirby Smith [CS] arrives to take command of the Confederate forces, ordering Richard Taylor to withdraw to Mansfield, effectively ending the Red River Campaign Louisiana
  Red River Campaign
April 18, 1864 Battle of Poison Spring

Sterling Price [CS] and John Marmaduke [CS] raid US supply wagons heading for Grand Ecore to relieve Nathaniel Banks [US] failed expedition. After heavy fighting the federals were forced to withdraw
  Red River Campaign
  Sterling Price
April 21, 1864 General Nathaniel Banks withdraws from Grand Ecore to Alexandria Louisiana
  Red River Campaign
April 23, 1864 Battle of Monet's Ferry
Battle of Cane River Crossing

Nathaniel Banks retreating federal column is harassed by Confederates
  Red River Campaign
September 1, 1894 Nathaniel Banks dies, Waltham, Massachusetts

Nathaniel Banks

Nickname: Commissary Banks, given him by the Rebels under Stonewall Jackson during the Shenandoah Campaign.

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