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Mexican American War
December 29, 1845 Texas is admitted to the United States as a slave state. It is the 28th state and the margin of slave to free states in the Senate after admittance is 15-13. Texas
March 11, 1846 U. S. troops move into disputed land between Nueces and Rio Grande Rivers Texas
April 25, 1846 United States troops, sent to the disputed portion of the Texas border to provoke an incident, are attacked by Mexican troops, precipitating the Mexican-American War Texas
  William Hardee
May 8, 1846 Zachary Taylor wins the battle of Palo Alto
  Zachary Taylor
May 9, 1846 Zachary Taylor wins the battle of Resaca de la Palma
  Zachary Taylor
May 11, 1846 James Polk informs Congress about Mexican agression in territory claimed by both the United States and Mexico Texas
  James Polk
May 13, 1846 United States declares war on Mexico
May 23, 1846 Mexico declares war against the United States
June 26, 1846 Dragoons and volunteers leave Fort Leavenworth and head west to reinforce California and seize San Diego and Los Angeles. They return from a successful mission in August, 1847 Kansas
August 19, 1846 Zachary Taylor begins a move toward Monterrey
  Zachary Taylor
September 21, 1846
September 23, 1846
Battle of Monterrey, Mexico
  Zachary Taylor
  George Thomas
February 22, 1847
February 23, 1847
Battle of Buena Vista (Mexican-American War)
  George Thomas
  Braxton Bragg
  Jefferson Davis
  Zachary Taylor
March 9, 1847 U. S. Marines under the command of Winfield Scott begin the largest amphibious landing in the history of the United States at the time near the Mexican city of Vera Cruz.
  Winfield Scott
March 29, 1847 U. S. forces occupy Vera Cruz
  Winfield Scott
April 18, 1847 Battle of Cerro Gordo
  George McClellan
September 14, 1847 General Winfield Scott effectively ends the fighting in the Mexican-American War by capturing Mexico City, capitol of Mexico.
  Winfield Scott
February 2, 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed, ending the Mexican-American War

Mexican American War

One of the major issues in James Polk's campaign during the Election of 1844 was the annexation of Texas. In 1845 the Republic of Texas became the state of Texas. Although Mexico had never recognized the independant Republic, it had done almost nothing to reclaim the territory and Santa Anna was in exile. In late 1845, Polk reassigned Zachary Taylor to Louisiana in preparation to insured Mexico respected the new borders of the United States.

Further aggrevating the situation was Mexican political turmoil. John Slidell, representing the United States, had journeyed to Mexico City with an offer to buy additional Mexican territory in the Southwest and along the Pacific Ocean. His creditials were never accepted and Slidell was forced to return to the United States.

In March, 1846, American forces moved to the southern border of Texas, the Rio Grande River. The only problem was that Mexico recognized the Nueces River as the border. On April 23, 1846 Taylor ordered Captain Samuel Thorton to advance with his and William Hardee's companies of dragoons to reconoitter a 22-mile stretch of the Rio Grande. More than 1,500 Mexicans attacked the dragoons on April 25.

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