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Martin Van Buren
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Other
December 5, 1782 Martin Van Buren born, Kinderhook, NY
May 21, 1832 Democratic-Republicans hold a convention in Baltimore, nominating Andrew Jackson for President and Martin Van Buren for Vice-President. Maryland
  Election of 1832
  Andrew Jackson
  Democratic Party
November 8, 1836 Democrat Martin van Buren defeats Whigs William Henry Harrison, Hugh Lawson White, and Daniel Webster to become President
  Election of 1836
  Democratic Party
May 8, 1840 Democratic National Convention in Baltimore nominates Martin Van Buren for President. Maryland
  Election of 1840
  Democratic Party
July 4, 1840 Democrat Martin Van Buren signs the Independent Treasury Act into law
  Panic of 1837
  Democratic Party
November 3, 1840 William Henry Harrison (Whig) defeats Martin Van Buren (Democrat) to become President of the United States
  Election of 1840
  Democratic Party
August 9, 1848
August 10, 1848
The Free-Soil party is formed by dissatisfied Democrats and former Liberty Party members at a convention in Buffalo, N. Y. with delegates from all free states and Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. They nominate Martin Van Buren for President and Charles Francis Adams for Vice-President.
  Free-Soil Party
  Charles Sumner
  Election of 1848
  Salmon P. Chase
November 7, 1848 Zachary Taylor (Whig) defeats Lewis Cass (Democrat) and Martin Van Buren (Freesoil) in the Presidential Election of 1848
  Zachary Taylor
  Election of 1848
  Democratic Party

Martin Van Buren

Mentor to: Samuel Tilden (Election of 1876)

One of the criticisms leveled at Martin Van Buren by pro-slavery advocates was that he was an abolitionist. These grew out of three incidents in the 1820's. In 1820 he voted for gradual emancipation in Missouri. In 1821 he voted in favor of "negro suffrage" in New York. Finally, in 1822 Van Buren supported the prohibition of slave trade in Florida.

Martin Van Buren felt that "internal improvements" were the province of the state and in 1826 he refused to support the Dismal Swamp Canal.

In 1829, Andrew Jackson asked Martin Van Buren to be Secretary of State. Van Buren accepted. In June, 1831, Van Buren was appointed Minister to Great Britain.

In 1867 he wrote Inquiry Into the Origin and Course of Political Parties in the United States

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Other

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