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Louisiana Purchase
October 1, 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte signs the Treaty of San Ildefonso with Spain, transfering most of what is known today as the Louisiana Purchase from Spain to France.
October 18, 1802 Juan Ventura Moralis reveals that Spain intends to revoke the American "right of deposit" at New Orleans. Most historians believe that the revocation came because of American abuses of the Pinckney Treaty.
April 11, 1803 Tallyrand offers the United States Louisiana. Afraid that Napoleon might withdraw the offer, James Monroe and Robert Livingston negotiate a treaty without Jefferson's approval
April 30, 1803 President Thomas Jefferson agrees to buy Louisiana from the French for $11,250,000 plus assumption of up to $3,750,000 in claims of U. S. citizens against France
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Louisiana Purchase

For roughly 4 cents an acre the United States of America (under Thomas Jefferson) purchased 828,000 square miles of land from France (under Napoleon Bonaparte). The total cost of the land was $15 million,

The prize, and main goal of the purchase, was to bring New Orleans into the United States. With the westward expansion of the country, especially in the north, farmers were seeking to get their goods to market as quickly as possible. Sailing the goods south on flatboats to New Orleans, then shipping it to ports throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Europe gave farmers an easier route to lucrative markets.

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