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Lecompton Constitution
September 7, 1857 The Lecompton (KS) Convention, a pro-slave constitutional convention convenes Kansas
October 19, 1857 Proslavery factions reconvene the Lecompton Constitutional Convention to draft a document Kansas
November 7, 1857 The Lecompton (KS) Constitutional Convention adopts a pro-slavery constitution and approves a ratification election on December 21, 1857 Kansas
December 7, 1857 Free-state congress calls for a third option in voting on the Lecompton Constitution - rejection of the document. Kansas
December 8, 1857 James Buchanan announces he supports the Lecompton Constitution in a message to the Senate Kansas
  James Buchanan
December 9, 1857 Breaking with the Democrats, Stephen Douglas announces he is against the Lecompton Constitution Kansas
  Stephen A. Douglas
  Democratic Party
December 17, 1857 The Free-state legislature adds a third option to the Lecompton ratification vote: reject the Lecompton Constitution. This is not on the ballot of Dec. 21 Kansas
December 21, 1857 Lecompton Constitution ratification vote. Voters were not voting for the Constitution, rather they were voting for the Constitution with slavery or the Constitution without slavery. With freestaters waiting for the vote on January 4, pro-slavery factions easily carry the vote Kansas
  Kansas becomes a state
January 4, 1858 A second ratification vote is held for the Lecompton Constitution. The Free-staters reject the Lecompton Constitution. Kansas
February 2, 1858 President Buchanan reiterates his support of the Lecompton Constitution to the Senate, which accepts the document 32-25 over the objections of Stephen Douglas Kansas
  James Buchanan
  English Bill
  Stephen A. Douglas
April 23, 1858 In an attempt to force the acceptance of the Lecompton Constitution, a joint committee of Congress drafts the English Bill. Kansas
  Alexander Stephens
  William Seward
  English Bill
August 2, 1858 In a straight up or down vote required by the U. S. Congress for admission, the Lecomption Constitution as modified by the English Bill is overwhelmingly defeated. It is so bad that both pro-slave and freestate factions vote against it. The state must approve a different constitution. Kansas
  English Bill
  Kansas becomes a state

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