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Kansas-Nebraska Act
January 2, 1854 The bill that would become the Kansas-Nebraska Act is printed for the first time.
January 4, 1854 Committee of Terrortories chairman Stephen Douglas reports the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
  Stephen A. Douglas
January 16, 1854 Kentucky Senator Dixon offers an amendment to the Kansas-Nebraska Act repealing the Missouri Compromise.
  Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820)
January 23, 1854 Following a discussion with Franklin Pierce and Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, Douglas releases the Nebraska act with two significant changes: Two terrortories, Kansas and Nebraska will be formed and the Missouri Compromise is superceded and inoperative.
  Stephen A. Douglas
  Jefferson Davis
  Franklin Pierce
  Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820)
January 24, 1854 Salmon Chase (writer) and Charles Sumner (editor) release the "Appeal of the Independent Democrats
in Congress to the People of the United States," attacking the Nebraska Act. (the appeal was written before the act was revised)
  Charles Sumner
  Salmon P. Chase
  Democratic Party
February 7, 1854 Steven Douglas resubmits the Nebraska Act as the Kansas-Nebraska Act and extends the law of the United States to the territories.
  Stephen A. Douglas
March 3, 1854
March 4, 1854
Stephen Douglas stands his ground in the Senate as he closes debate on the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Biographers consider this to be one of his shining moments. Finally, at 5:00 am on the 4th, the Senate passes the bill, 37 to 14
  Stephen A. Douglas
May 22, 1854 Invoking seldom-used Clause 119 of the House Rules, Alexander Stephens outwits the opponents of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in the House and passes the bill after an unfavorable return from committee
  Alexander Stephens
May 26, 1854 Joint Committee of Congress approves the Kansas-Nebraska Act Kansas
  Kansas-Nebraska Act [Full Text]
May 30, 1854 President Franklin Pierce signs the Kansas-Nebraska Act into law. Kansas
  Bleeding Kansas
  Kansas becomes a state
  Causes of the Civil War
  Franklin Pierce

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