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John Pope
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Military
February 28, 1862
April 8, 1862
The Battle of New Madrid / Island No. 10

After withdrawing from New Madrid Confederates control Island No. 10, blocking shipping on the Mississippi. Over 5,000 Confederate soldiers on the island surrender to Major General John Pope on April 8.
March 3, 1862 General John Pope lays siege to New Madrid Missouri
March 14, 1862 Following a two week siege, federals under John Pope take New Madrid. Missouri
April 7, 1862 Island No. 10, in the Mississippi River downstream from New Madrid, is captured. More than 5,000 Confederates are taken prisoner Missouri
June 10, 1862 General Henry Halleck assigns Ulysses S. Grant, Don Carlos Buell, and John Pope to corps commanders
June 17, 1862 The commands of John C. Fremont [US] and Nathanael Banks [US] are consolidated under John Pope [US]. Fremont resigns.
  Army of Virginia
  Nathaniel Banks
June 26, 1862 Major General John Pope assumes command of all Union forces in the state of Virginia with the exception of the Army of the Potomac. This is simply called the Army of Virginia
July 31, 1862 In response to Union General John Pope's order that citizens be shot as spies, Confederate President Jefferson Davis orders Pope's officers be held as felons and not prisoners-of-war.
August 4, 1862 Ambrose Burnsides [US] arrives at Aquia Creek. As they arrive his men are sent forward to join John Pope [US]
  Ambrose Burnside
August 16, 1862 George McClellan completes the evacuation of Harrison's Landing, ending the Peninsula Campaign. His men land at Aquia Creek, VA and Alexandria, VA, within the week, but most are reassigned to John Pope's Army of Virginia
  Peninsula Campaign
  George McClellan
August 27, 1862 With Stonewall Jackson on his flank, John Pope is forced to withdraw from the Rappahanock. Pope does not realize that roughly half the Confederate army is between his position and Washington, D. C. Virginia
  Stonewall Jackson
  Northern Virginia Campaign
  Second Manassas - Second Bull Run
August 28, 1862 Battle of Groveton
Battle of Brawner's Farm

Stonewall Jackson [CS] engages Rufus King [US] near Manassas after eluding John Pope [US].
  Northern Virginia Campaign
  Stonewall Jackson
  Second Manassas - Second Bull Run
  Richard Ewell
  Army of Virginia
August 29, 1862
August 30, 1862
Second Manassas[CS]
Second Bull Run[US]

General John Pope [US] lost to General Robert E. Lee[CS]. General James Longstreet's [CS] 28,000 man assault on August 30 was the largest simultaneous assault of the war in this Confederate victory.

Union losses 13,830

Confederate losses 8,350

Also includes: Manassas Plains, Gainesville
  James Longstreet
  Robert E. Lee
  Stonewall Jackson
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Second Manassas - Second Bull Run
  Fitz-John Porter
  Northern Virginia Campaign
  Gouverneur K. Warren
  John Reynolds
  Army of Virginia
  Joseph Hooker
  Samuel Heintzelman
September 2, 1862 General John Pope is replaced by Ambrose Burnside, following the disaster at Second Bull Run, combining the Army of Virginia with the Army of the Potomac under George McClellan
  George McClellan
  Army of Virginia
  Army of the Potomac
  Ambrose Burnside

John Pope

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Military

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