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John Magruder
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military
October 13, 1847 Aztec Club founded by officers who fought in the Mexican-American War
  Joseph Hooker
  P. G. T. Beauregard
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Robert E. Lee
  Joseph E. Johnston
  George McClellan
  Richard Ewell
June 10, 1861 Battle of Big Bethel
  Daniel Harvey Hill
  William Farrar Smith
  Battle of Big Bethel
  Civil War Firsts
August 7, 1861 John Bankhead Magruder burns the village of Hampton, near Fort Monroe. General Benjamin Butler had been planning to use it to house "contraband." (Butler's word for slaves) Virginia
  Benjamin Butler
April 12, 1862 Combining the Confederate Army of the Potomac with John Magruder's Army of the Peninsula and a large garrison at Norfolk, President Jefferson Davis creates the Army of Northern Virginia.
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Jefferson Davis
  Joseph E. Johnston
  Peninsula Campaign
April 16, 1862 Battle of Dam No. 1

Attempting to break the Yorktown Line, forces under General Winfield Scott Hancock [CS] engage General John Magruder [CS]. This battle is sometimes noted as the Battle of Lee's Mill or Burnt Chimneys.
  Lafayette McLaws
  Siege of Yorktown
  Peninsula Campaign
June 29, 1862 Battle of Peach Orchard
Battle of Orchard Station [Alt.]
Battle of Allen's Farm [Alt.]
  Seven Days Retreat
  Edwin Vose Sumner
November 29, 1862 John Magruder assumes command of Confederate forces in Texas Texas
January 1, 1863 Battle of Galveston

General John B. Magruder [CS] captures the city after a 4 hour battle. Confederate troops seize a federal ship and blow up another, but most of the ships escape.
September 8, 1863 General William Franklin [US], intending to begin the occupation of Texas, steamed past Sabine Pass to Confederate Fort Griffin on the Texas-Louisiana border. John Bankhead Magruder [CS], with two "cotton-clads" and a force of 44 men turned back more than 200 Union troops
  William B. Franklin
August 17, 1864 General John Bankhead Magruder appointed commander of Confederate forces in Arkansas Arkansas

John Bankhead Magruder

West Point: Class of 1830, Rank: 15th of 42 students

John Magruder was in command of the Confederacy's Army of the Peninsula during the Battle of Big Bethel, one of the first actions of the Civil War. He had been assigned to protect Richmond from the prying eyes on Cheasepeake Bay at Fort Monroe. Following the action, he withdrew to Yorktown where he prepared defenses for his next battle.

"Prince John" Magruder had a flair for theatrics that greatly helped the Confederacy and the first time he was called to use them came early in George McClellan's Peninsula Campaign. With 13,000 men he held off more than 100,000 Yankees at the start of the siege of Yorktown. He would later be required to perform a similar duty defending Richmond during the Seven Days. With four Union corps just east of his line, Magruder and Benjamin Huger once again convinced McClellan that Robert E. Lee would attack his line south of the Chickahominy River. Unfortunately, General Fitz-John Porter, north of the river, could not be reinforced and bore the brunt of the initial attacks in the Seven Days.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military

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