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John Brown
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Other
May 24, 1856
May 25, 1856
Pottawatomie Massacre - John Brown kills five pro-slavers along this Kansas Creek Kansas
  Bleeding Kansas
August 30, 1856 Battle at Osawatomie - 12 Free-staters under Capt. John Brown are attacked by 250 pro-slavery men
  Bleeding Kansas
August 20, 1859 John Brown meets with Frederick Douglass at Chambersburg Pennsylvania
  Frederick Douglass
October 16, 1859 John Brown takes the armory at Harpers Ferry Maryland
  Causes of the Civil War
  Harpers Ferry
  Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
October 17, 1859 Citizens discover John Brown, 19 men (including Brown's sons Oliver, Owen, and Watson) and several hostages including George Washington's great-grand-nephew in the armory. By the end of the day Brown, his men and 9 hostages occupied the fire engine house within the arsenal. Secretary of War John B. Floyd orders Col. Robert E. Lee and Lt. J. E. B. Stuart to the town
  J. E. B. Stuart
  Robert E. Lee
  John Floyd
October 18, 1859 Robert E. Lee and JEB Stuart plan an attack against John Brown and his raiders at Harpers Ferry. At 6:30 am, Stuart signals Marine Lieutenant Israel Green who storms the firehouse holding the raiders and their hostages. Five of Brown's Raiders escape. The rest are caught or killed.
  Robert E. Lee
  J. E. B. Stuart
December 2, 1859 John Brown is hung in Charleston, Virginia (present-day West Virginia) for the raid on Harper's Ferry Virginia
West Virginia

John Brown

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Other

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