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John Breckinridge
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Political
January 16, 1821 John Cabell Breckinridge born, near Lexington Kentucky
November 4, 1856 Democrats James Buchanan and John C. Breckinridge defeat Republicans John C. Fremont and William Dayton and American (Know-Nothing) Party candidates Millard Fillmore and Andrew Donelson
  Election of 1856
  James Buchanan
  Millard Fillmore
  John C. Fremont
  Republican Party
  Democratic Party
June 26, 1860
June 28, 1860
Southern Democrats hold a convention in Richmond where they select John C. Breckinridge as their nominee for President Virginia
  The Election of 1860
  1860 Democratic National Convention
  Richmond, Virginia
  1860 (Southern) Democratic Party Platform
  Democratic Party
November 6, 1860 Republican Abraham Lincoln wins the Presidential election with 39.7% of the vote, defeating Stephen Douglas, John Breckinridge and John Bell.
  Stephen A. Douglas
  Abraham Lincoln
  Causes of the Civil War
  The Election of 1860
  Republican Party
February 11, 1861 The Electoral College begins to meet amid fears of a show of force against the election of Abraham Lincoln. General Winfield Scott reinforces the city and the meeting occurs as planned. Vice-president John C. Breckinridge declares Lincoln the winner of the Election of 1860
  Abraham Lincoln
  Winfield Scott
  The Election of 1860
April 6, 1862
April 7, 1862
Battle of Pittsburg Landing [Union]
Battle of Shiloh [Confederate]

Ulysses S. Grant [US] defeats Albert Sidney Johnston [CS] in southwest Tennessee. P. G. T. Beauregard assumed command following Johnston's death

Confederate Losses
1,723 dead
8,012 wounded
959 missing
Union Losses
1,754 dead
8,408 wounded
2,885 missing
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Sherman's Memoirs on Shiloh
  P. G. T. Beauregard
  Battle of Shiloh
  Braxton Bragg
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Bloodiest Civil War battles
  Don Carlos Buell
  Albert Sidney Johnston
  William Hardee
  William 'Bull' Nelson
  Lew Wallace
  Lew Wallace at Shiloh
  Army of the Tennessee
  James McPherson
  Army of Mississippi
August 5, 1862 Battle of Baton Rouge

Major General John Breckinridge [CS] lost to Brigadier General Thomas Williams [US]
December 31, 1862 Battle of Stone's River [US]
Battle of Murfreesboro [CS]

Braxton Bragg forces William Rosecrans to retreat, but Rosecrans returns to defeat Bragg on January 2, 1863.

Union 13,249

Confederate 10,266
  Bloodiest Civil War battles
  Braxton Bragg
  William S. Rosecrans
  George Thomas
  Army of the Cumberland
  Philip Sheridan
  Stone's River
November 8, 1863 Bragg appoints Major General John Breckinridge to command Harvey Hill's corps.
November 25, 1863 Battle of Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga

Three Union armies attacked the Army of Tennessee atop Missionary Ridge, east of downtown Chattanooga. Patrick Cleburne stopped William Tecumseh Sherman from the north, although outnumbered 10 to 1. Joe Hooker was seriously delayed by burnt bridges and failed to hit the southern end of Bragg's line near Rossville, Georgia. Thomas' Army of the Cumberland struck the center, breaking Bragg's line and forcing a retreat. Sheridan, ordered to pursue, was stopped dead in his tracks by William Hardee's rear guard action.
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Battles for Chattanooga
  Braxton Bragg
  George Thomas
  Philip Sheridan
  Army of the Cumberland
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Patrick Cleburne
  Joseph Hooker
  William Hardee
  Army of Tennessee
May 15, 1864 Battle of New Market

Major General John Breckinridge [CS], using a ragtag force that included VMI cadets attacked Franz Sigel's [US] line near the north fork of the Shenandoah River. Sigel eventually withdrew to Strasburg.
June 17, 1864
June 18, 1864
Battle of Lynchburg Virginia
  Rutherford B. Hayes
July 24, 1864 Second battle of Kernstown

Jubal Early's [CS] move to the Shenandoah Valley is blocked by George Crook [US], at least for a while. After a violent assault on the Union left by John Breckinridge the federal line broke and pulled back to Harpers Ferry
  Jubal Anderson Early
  Rutherford B. Hayes
  Harpers Ferry
February 6, 1865 John C. Breckinridge becomes Confederate Secretary of War
May 17, 1875 John C. Breckinridge dies, Lexington, Kentucky

John Breckinridge

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Political

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