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George Stoneman
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Military
July 1, 1846 Graduating from West Point (rank): George B. McClellan (2), John Gray Foster (4), Jesse Lee Reno (8), Darius Nash Couch (13) Thomas Jonathan Jackson later Stonewall Jackson(17), Truman Seymour (19), Charles Champion Gilbert (21), John Adams (25), Samuel Davis Sturgis (32), George Stoneman (33), William Duncan Smith (35) Dabney Herndon Maury (37), Innis Newton Palmer (38), David Rumph Jones (41), Alfred Gibbs (42), George Henry Gordon (43), Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox (54), William Montgomery Gardner (55), Samuel Bell Maxey (58), George Edward Pickett (59)
  George McClellan
  Darius Couch
  Stonewall Jackson
May 1, 1863
May 4, 1863
Battle of Chancellorsville

General "Fighting Joe" Hooker's Army of the Potomac is defeated by Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia as it crosses the Rappahannock on the way to Richmond

Union: 17,268

Confederate: 12,821
  Robert E. Lee
  Joseph Hooker
  Bloodiest Civil War battles
  Stonewall Jackson
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Army of the Potomac
  Lafayette McLaws
  John Reynolds
  Darius Couch

George Stoneman

Major General George Stoneman, The
Major General George Stoneman
George Stoneman was a lieutenant under the command of Sidney Johnston during the Utah War. From Camp Floyd, near Salt Lake City, he was promoted to captain and assigned to Fort Brown, Texas. As second in command of this outpost in February, 1861, federal forces were surrendered to the state by David Twiggs. Rather than surrender Stoneman and most of the garrison headed north from Brownsville to New York on Star of the West.

During the Peninsula Campaign, Stoneman served in the cavalry, but was unhappy over George McClellan's organization (breaking it into small units and assigning it at the divisional level). He assumed command of Phil Kearney's division during the battle of Chantilly following Kearney's death and commanded the Third Corps during the battle of Fredericksburg.

"Fighting Joe" Hooker gave George Stoneman the opportunity he craved, command of the federal cavalry.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Military

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