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George Pickett
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military
June 27, 1862 Battle of Gaines Mill [US]
Battle of First Cold Harbor [CS]
Battle of the Chickahominy [Alternate]

John Bell Hood [CS] and George Pickett [CS] breakthrough Fitz John Porter's [US] line, forcing Union troops south of the Chickahominy River and severing McClellan's supply line to Eltham's Landing (White House, West Point)
  Seven Days Retreat
  John Bell Hood
  Battle of Gaines Mill
  Daniel Harvey Hill
  A. P. Hill
  Fitz-John Porter
  Gouverneur K. Warren
  George Meade
  John Reynolds
July 1, 1863
July 3, 1863
Battle of Gettysburg

General Robert E. Lee [CS] advances into Pennsylvania where he meets George Meade [US]. First battling north of the city, by the second day Union forces had retreated south, forming a strong line as men arrived almost continuously. On the third day, the infamous Pickett's Charge marked the end of the Confederates hope for a victory

The bloodiest three days in American history
  Bloodiest Civil War battles
  Robert E. Lee
  John Bell Hood
  James Longstreet
  George Meade
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Army of the Potomac
  J. E. B. Stuart
  Lafayette McLaws
  Winfield Scott Hancock
  George Armstrong Custer
  Battle of Gettysburg
  Richard Ewell
  John Reynolds
  The Gettysburg Campaign
  Early action at Herbst Woods
  James Archer
  George Armstrong Custer
  Jubal Anderson Early
May 6, 1864 A half-hearted attack by the Army of the James on the Southside Railroad is repulsed by George Pickett [CS] Virginia
  Army of the James
March 31, 1865 Battle of Dinwiddle Court House

In a tactical victory for the Confederates, George Pickett [CS] turns back Phil Sheridan cavalry and elements of the Fifth Corps.
  Philip Sheridan
April 1, 1865 Battle of Five Forks

George Pickett [CS] could not withstand the federal envelopment move around Petersburg that began here.
  Siege of Petersburg
  Philip Sheridan
  Gouverneur K. Warren

George Pickett

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Confederate Military

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