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Edwin Stanton
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Political
December 19, 1814 Edwin M. Stanton born, Steubenville, Ohio
December 20, 1860 Edwin Stanton becomes Attorney-General in the Buchanan Administration
January 10, 1862 With McClellan ill, Abraham Lincoln calls a White House meeting with Irvin McDowell, William Franklin, Salmon Chase, Edwin Stanton, and Thomas Scott. Lincoln told them "..if McClellan is not going to use the Army anytime soon, I would like to borrow it."
  Abraham Lincoln
  George McClellan
  Salmon P. Chase
January 15, 1862 Edwin Stanton becomes Secretary of War following the resignation of Simon Cameron
June 4, 1863 Abraham Lincoln suggests the ban on the Chicago Times be lifted and Edwin Stanton orders Ambrose Burnsides to do it
  Ambrose Burnside
  Abraham Lincoln
October 17, 1863 As Ulysses S. Grant travels to Louisville, KY, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton boards the train in Indianapolis, IN with orders for him to assume command of the Military Division of the Mississippi. Indiana
  Ulysses S. Grant
July 7, 1865 Secretary of War Edwin Stanton orders Union troops to stand guard at Ford's Theater to prevent it from reopening following the assasination of President Lincoln
  Ford's Theater
August 12, 1867 Edwin Stanton suspended by President Andrew Johnson
January 13, 1868 Edwin Stanton is illegally restored to Secretary of War by the U. S. Senate
February 21, 1868 President Andrew Johnson removes Edwin Stanton from office and informs the Senate of his actions
  Andrew Johnson
December 20, 1869 President Grant appoints Edwin Stanton a justice of the Supreme Court.
  Ulysses S. Grant
December 24, 1869 Edwin M. Stanton dies, Washington, D. C.

As the second Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln, Edwin Stanton normally worked with the President and Secretary of State William Seward on issues regarding the United States Armed Services during the Civil War. He and Lincoln tried to fill the position of General-in-Chief, U. S. Army for 4 months following the removal of George McClellan from that position in 1862. It was Edwin Stanton that the Radical Republicans tried to protect with the Tenure of Office Act under the Andrew Johnson administration. Johnson was impeached when he removed him from office.

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Political

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