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Charles Sumner
Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Political
January 6, 1811 Charles Sumner born, Boston, Massachusetts
August 9, 1848
August 10, 1848
The Free-Soil party is formed by dissatisfied Democrats and former Liberty Party members at a convention in Buffalo, N. Y. with delegates from all free states and Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. They nominate Martin Van Buren for President and Charles Francis Adams for Vice-President.
  Free-Soil Party
  Election of 1848
  Martin Van Buren
  Salmon P. Chase
January 24, 1854 Salmon Chase (writer) and Charles Sumner (editor) release the "Appeal of the Independent Democrats
in Congress to the People of the United States," attacking the Nebraska Act. (the appeal was written before the act was revised)
  Salmon P. Chase
  Kansas-Nebraska Act
  Democratic Party
May 19, 1856 Charles Sumner begins his "Crime against Kansas" speech, which concludes tomorrow Kansas
  Bleeding Kansas
  Sumner and Brooks
  Preston S. Brooks
  Kansas becomes a state
May 22, 1856 Preston Brooks attacks Charles Sumner in the well of the Senate
  Preston S. Brooks
  Sumner and Brooks

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Civil War Encyclopedia >> People - Union Political

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