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Appomattox (or Appomattox Court House)
Civil War Encyclopedia >> Battles
April 8, 1865 Battle of Appomattox Station

Cavalry under Phillip Sheridan strikes the rail depot south of the Appomattox Court House, driving Rebels back and capturing essential supplies
  Battle of Appomattox
  Philip Sheridan
  George Armstrong Custer
April 9, 1865 After attempting to break-out of the Union envelopment, Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysess S. Grant at the home of Wilmer McLean in Appomattox Court House Virginia
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Robert E. Lee
  Battle of Appomattox
  Surrender At Appomattox
  George Armstrong Custer
  James Longstreet
  Edward O. C. Ord
November 29, 1869 "Surrender House" (Wilmer McLean house) at Appomattox sold at auction
June 18, 1930 Appomattox declared a U. S. War Department Battlefield Site
August 13, 1935 Appomattox is declared a National Historical Monument Virginia
April 9, 1949 Wilmer McLean House "Surrender House" at Appomattox Court House opens to the public.
April 15, 1954 Appomattox Court House (or simply Appomattox) is deginated a National Historical Park Virginia

Appomattox Court House

Once the county seat of Appomattox County, Virgina, Appomattox Court House lies a scant 2 miles northeast of present-day Appomattox, Virginia. The city drew its name from an Indian village discovered by Captain John Smith in some of the earliest inland exploration of the New World. The area was originally founded as Clover Hill, but by the time of the Civil War the town on the Lynchburg Road appeared on maps as Appomattox.

When the railroad came through the depot was located about 2 miles from the courthouse, known on Civil War era maps as Appomattox Station. In 1892 the old courthouse burned and a new one was built near the depot. The area known as Appomattox Court House lost its population and title of county seat to the nearby town of Appomattox Station, which now was simply called Appomattox.

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