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March 3, 1819 Edwin Vose Sumner enters military service at the rank of Second Lieutenant
  Edwin Vose Sumner
March 3, 1820 Maine admitted to the U. S. as a free state, Missouri admitted to the U. S. as a slave state. Missouri
  Missouri Compromise (Compromise of 1820)
March 3, 1836 Charter of the Second Bank of the United States expires
  Panic of 1837
March 3, 1839 Ulysses Hiram Grant appointed to West Point
  Ulysses S. Grant
March 3, 1843 John C. Calhoun resigns from the Senate to run for President in 1844 South Carolina
  John C. Calhoun
  Robert Barnwell Rhett
March 3, 1854
March 4, 1854
Stephen Douglas stands his ground in the Senate as he closes debate on the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Biographers consider this to be one of his shining moments. Finally, at 5:00 am on the 4th, the Senate passes the bill, 37 to 14
  Stephen A. Douglas
  Kansas-Nebraska Act
March 3, 1855 The United States Army creates the First (Edwin Vose Sumner, Joseph E. Johnston) and Second Cavalry (Albert Sidney Johnston, Robert E. Lee).
  Robert E. Lee
  Joseph E. Johnston
  Albert Sidney Johnston
  Edwin Vose Sumner
  Earl Van Dorn
  George Thomas
  William Hardee
March 3, 1855 Franklin Pierce removes Andrew Reeder as territorial governor of Kansas Kansas
March 3, 1861 General P. G. T. Beauregard arrives at Charleston and assumes command of Confederate troops South Carolina
  P. G. T. Beauregard
  Fort Sumter
March 3, 1862 Abraham Lincoln appoints Andrew Johnson to be military governor of Tennessee Tennessee
  Abraham Lincoln
  Andrew Johnson
March 3, 1862 General John Pope lays siege to New Madrid Missouri
  John Pope
March 3, 1863 Naval assaults on Ft. McAllister resumes, lasting eight hours on this day. The damage to the fort's sand walls is quickly repaired. Georgia
  Fort McAllister
March 3, 1863 The Conscription Act (National Enrollment Act of 1863) is signed into law by President Lincoln. Congress requires quotas of draftees by state, but allows wealthy Americans the right to buy their way out of service for $300.00. Also called the Draft Act or any number of variations.
  Abraham Lincoln
March 3, 1863 National Academy of Science chartered, Washington, D. C.
  Washington D. C.
March 3, 1863 Financier Jay Cooke is named as an agent to popularize the purchase of U. S. government bonds
March 3, 1865 Freedman's Bureau established
March 3, 1865 Abraham Lincoln issues instructions on surrender discussions. He gives Grant wide-ranging powers on military matters, but reserves political matters for himself
  Abraham Lincoln
  Ulysses S. Grant
March 3, 1874 Millard Fillmore dies of complications from a massive stroke, Buffalo, New York
  Millard Fillmore

Ongoing on this day:
June 15, 1864
April 2, 1865
Siege of Petersburg Virginia
  Robert E. Lee
  P. G. T. Beauregard
  Army of Northern Virginia
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Siege of Petersburg
April 12, 1861
May 10, 1865
The American Civil War
  The Civil War
February 28, 1862
April 8, 1862
The Battle of New Madrid / Island No. 10

After withdrawing from New Madrid Confederates control Island No. 10, blocking shipping on the Mississippi. Over 5,000 Confederate soldiers on the island surrender to Major General John Pope on April 8.
  John Pope
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