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April 6, 1789 The Senate meets for the first time. They count the electoral votes and declare George Washington the winner.
April 6, 1841 John Tyler inaugurated President of the United States
  John Tyler
April 6, 1861 Abraham Lincoln sends a message to Governor Pickens informing him that Fort Sumter will be reprovisioned and that if the effort is resisted the fort will be reinforced South Carolina
  Fort Sumter
  Abraham Lincoln
April 6, 1862
April 7, 1862
Battle of Pittsburg Landing [Union]
Battle of Shiloh [Confederate]

Ulysses S. Grant [US] defeats Albert Sidney Johnston [CS] in southwest Tennessee. P. G. T. Beauregard assumed command following Johnston's death

Confederate Losses
1,723 dead
8,012 wounded
959 missing
Union Losses
1,754 dead
8,408 wounded
2,885 missing
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Sherman's Memoirs on Shiloh
  P. G. T. Beauregard
  Battle of Shiloh
  Braxton Bragg
  William Tecumseh Sherman
  Bloodiest Civil War battles
  Don Carlos Buell
  Albert Sidney Johnston
  John Breckinridge
  William Hardee
  William 'Bull' Nelson
  Lew Wallace
  Lew Wallace at Shiloh
  Army of the Tennessee
  James McPherson
  Army of Mississippi
April 6, 1862 On the first day of the battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing, General Albert Sidney Johnston, commander of the Department of the West is killed while leading an advance against a Union position in a peach orchard. Tennessee
  Generals Who Died In the Civil War
  Albert Sidney Johnston
April 6, 1865 Battle of Sayler's Creek (Sailor's Creek)

George Meade [US] defeats John Gordon [CS], Dick Ewell [CS], and R. H. Anderson [CS]. Anderson and Ewell accidentally became separated from the main body of Lee's Army. 8,000 Confederate soldiers are forced to surrender
  George Meade
  John B. Gordon
  Richard Ewell
April 6, 1868 Arkansas ratifies the 14th Amendment Arkansas
  14th Amendment

Ongoing on this day:
April 12, 1861
May 10, 1865
The American Civil War
  The Civil War
April 2, 1865
April 9, 1865
Battle of Fort Blakely Alabama
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